Welcome to my portfolio.

Based in Germany, I am a hobby photographer who loves discovering new subjects and techniques. This website shows a collection of the photos that I am most proud of, as well as pictures that have meaning to me.

About me

Having started with my first digital camera around 12 years ago, I constantly added new equipment and tried to learn new techniques. With the first DSLR, more lenses gave me the freedom to create exactly the views that I had in mind. Furtheron, getting excited about strobist techniques, I played around with off-camera flashes, diffusors and softboxes a lot.

Today, I use my full-frame DSLR with some of the most common lenses and flashes, whenever inevitable or needed to create that special kind of light. For post-editing, Lightroom and sometimes Photoshop are my tools of choice. Based in Munich, I try to find lovely sights nearby – or further away, travelling.

They say, people often take pictures and never look at them again. For me, that’s not true. When looking at old pictures, I’m instantly reminded: Where it was, when it was, what the weather was like, how it felt, what happened that day. Creating these memories is my goal, whenever free time allows for it.

To get a quick look at my pictures, you can scroll through the galleries. The features pages give you a little more context and put the photos in perspective. On my blog, you can find information about what I’m currently up to and all the latest work.

If you want to contact me, you’ll find the common social media links top left or bottom right. Hope you enjoy this website!