The look from above

Aerial Photography

In early 2014, I had the chance to participate in a Zeppelin flight over my beautiful home town, Munich. It was quite cloudy that day, but with a little Lightroom and Photoshop magic, pictures became quite clear again and now offer a whole new view on the city’s most memorable places.

Apart from drones, a Zeppelin seems to provide the ideal tool for aerial photography: It is able to fly quite low, super steady and if you’re lucky, you can open the windows and shoot with no glass between your lens and the object. Just hope for good weather – ideally even cloudy, since you want to get some even lighting and avoid those harsh shadows.

Over the ocean of Wales

A flight over wind turbines in the sea

Besides that Zeppelin flight, also in 2014 I had the opportunity to go on an airplane flight over the Sea of Wales, where one of Europeans biggest wind farm was built. Shooting there already was a bit harder, since the plane moves quite fast and you have to crank your aperture speed up to get a decent sharpness.