Country full of miracles

A photographic journey through China and Hong Kong

Asia is a fascinating continent, with wide varieties of culture. In 2009, a friend of mine and I went on a trip to Beijing, Guiling and Hong Kong. The three different places couldn’t be more different. In this range you will find everything from incredible wealth and luxury in some parts of Hong Kong to real poverty in China’s countryside. But everywhere, there are waiting beautiful and mesmerizing views and details.

An especially stunning monument surely is the Chinese Wall. Once you get up on it, there is an astounding view into the wide landscape, an amazing scenery for portrait photography. Given this, it can not be a surprise the Chinese Wall is a popular location for Wedding photo shoots.

A trip to the countryside

Guilin and the Li river

Guilin compared to Beijing clearly shows a more rural and not-so-developed character. Tourists are drawn to the place especially because of the famous Reed Flute Cave, an artificially illuminated cave, great for atmospheric yet slightly kitschy photos. Apart from that, the Li river lures with beautiful sceneries.

The capital with its own culture

Hong Kong and Macau

Hong Kong is an international megacity. Huge skyscrapers, big shopping malls and a vibrating nightlife. Still, Hong Kong manages to keep its own character, not becoming blurred in the cultural blending as other capitals like Singapore do. Other then that, the island Macau has its very own atmosphere. Providing gambling spots for the Chinese, it is a popular, Portugese-style getaway.